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Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder

Multiple sheet film feeder for unattended printing

ditto inkjet film feeder

The ditto solves a costly problem. Loading just film one sheet at a time into your inkjet means you have to attend to all the output options for each color. You're doing the same task over and over and over again.

With the ditto you can load up to 8 sheets of film for unattended printing.

The ditto inkjet film feeder gives you back hundreds of hours of productivity each year. Simply load the film, manage the output options once, print and walk away. Your multi-page separation is printed while you're doing something else. Something besides babysitting a long print job.

At just $189, the Ditto inkjet film feeder will pay for itself in as little as one week. Figure this: Printing 12 films a day (13” x 19”) at a resolution of 1440 x 720, you save nine hours per week (a full work day) attending to film feeding and managing color separations one at a time. Multiply that by a pay rate of $15 per hour and you’re saving $135 per week. Plus, you can earn more by being more productive with those hours. Busier shops save even more.

Product features include:


  • Easy to attach
  • Sturdy construction, no moving parts to break, built to last
  • Solves an ongoing and costly problem
  • Gives users back hundreds of hours of production time
  • Works with any RIP and the Epson driver
  • Available for several Epson desktop models
  • Created by the trusted developers of AccuRIP
  • Affordable purchase price


You will need:

Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder attaches only to Epson inkjet printers

Product Description Price
Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder $69.00