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Ink Cartridge Tips 101

What can be the reason for a cartridge that will not immediately set?

The number one reason an OEM cartridge does not set is poor contact between the cartridge chip and the internal contact inside the ink jet. This can occur from even a small amount of dirt, dust, ink or grease on either the cartridge chip or the internal contact. These can be cleaned using an isopropyl alcohol wipe. On the cartridge chip (only) you can also use a pencil eraser to very gently clear away debris. When handling cartridges do not touch the chips with your fingers and keep them dry.

The second reason for a poor contact is when a user inserts a cartridge but does not click it completely into place. Hearing a click or seeing the "arm" on the cartridge move is a good indication of a proper insertion. Users have had success by putting a cart in and out several times until it seats well. This has two results: better direct contact and the clearing away of debris due to in and out action.

The third reason is a confused printer. The ink jet needs to properly read the computer chips. Always put in and take out cartridges in order and one at a time. Never remove or insert cartridges in groups. If you believe that the carts are clean and the printer may just be confused then carefully remove the carts one at a time from right to left and power down the ink jet, then unplug the device from the wall and hit the power button one more time (to eliminate any residual memory in the device). Wait 15 seconds and plug in the ink jet and power it back up. Insert the cartridges one at a time from left to right.

A chip resetter for your device is a necessary tool for preventing downtime. Don’t be caught without one. Even a day without film output is stressful.

Note: When an "Epson brand cartridge" reads properly in a slot then it is a good chance that you will find success using the techniques above with an OEM cartridge. If you have tried all the above options, please contact us to see if your carts are under warranty to receive a replacement. Of the cartridges we receive back from warranty replacements over 98% of the cartridges that were not performing in the field actually set properly into an ink jet here in our test lab without any intervention. Of the few that don’t immediately set, the chip re-setter fixes the issue. This is good news for the consumer. OEM cartridges are solid performers!